Month: February 2019

Prepayment Penalty: Information on the Annuity Loan

The annuity loan is a loan from a bank at a constant rate. The amount of the payable rate therefore remains the same over the entire term. The annuity rate or annuity consists of a repayment and interest portion. At any rate, part of the remainder of the debt is paid. This reduces the interest […]

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Foreign Loan for the Self-employed

Foreign loans are still used in German as a loan, which can be sought especially if the German banks were rejected because of a bad Private Credit. Nevertheless, foreign loans are by no means awarded “just like that”, but are sometimes subject to even tighter examinations than would be the case with a German lender. […]

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Loan Without Proof of Income

Borrowers can look forward to numerous loan offers in the market today. Many banks and savings banks today offer borrowers the same multiple loan offers with attractive terms. In particular, the online banks on the Internet can convince with flexible credit products that allow the borrower a comfortable repayment. Not infrequently, the term, loan amount […]

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